What does one desire. A partner. A freewheeling moon. Or perhaps to hear again as one heard as a child. (Patti Smith in Woolgathering)




I'm looking for a female singer/songwriter/guitarist in her late twenties/early thirties, preferably a native English speaker who's currently

based in Berlin.




I'm looking for a long-term partnership for writing and playing music together – not just one gig among many, but the one that's really close to our



My favourite songwriters include Feist, Holly Throsby, Aimee Mann,  Joni Mitchell and Patti Smith. For some more of the music I love you can listen

to my radio show The Ear Has To Travel here.




If this sounds like you might be the Thelma to my Louise, please use the contact form to say 'hi'.

I'd love to hear from you.